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Sports Analytics & Research

Sports analytics and research are at the forefront of the sports industry. Our Research department formed to support this growing trend and provide members with the opportunity to pursue interests in the field.

Research team members participate in many different projects. In our inaugural semester, research team members split up into groups to undertake sports analytics challenges. In Fall 2020, SBS created partnerships with Seqnzr and the Atlanta Hawks to work on research and analytics business cases.

The Basketball research team is working on developing models for prospect projection and broad questions, such as the construction of super teams. They use data from current draft prospects and NBA roster construction and statistics. The Baseball team is using pitch data and game logs to analyze successful pitching characteristics and developing pitching gameplans for specific pitchers and teams. Finally, the Fantasy Sports team is analyzing lineup and drafting strategies to optimize selections.

For more inquiries, please reach out to the Director of Research, Jordan Monaco, at

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