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  • Caila Joan Low

Will Josh Allen and His MVP Stats Land Him a Contract Extension Next Year?

1326 passing yards, 12 touchdowns, 1 interception. Josh Allen’s stats through week 4 are nothing short of MVP worthy, a shock to the many haters that thought his accuracy would be detrimental to his performance. This placed him 2nd in passing, touchdowns, 20+ yard throws, and 40+ yard throws through week 4 out of quarterbacks. NFL great Brett Favre called Allen a “Tom Brady” for the Bills. But what does Allen’s incredible playing mean for the team as a whole? For the franchise? Well, led by Allen, the Bills are 4-0 for the first time since 2008 and only for the second time since 1992.

Allen has just begun the third year of his four-year, $21,183,038 rookie contract. With all rookie deals in the NFL, there comes a fully guaranteed signing bonus, but being a first-round pick, Allen is fully guaranteed his base salary as well. After this season, Allen will be able to talk about possible contract extensions with the organization. How well that deal goes for Allen will depend on his performance. That being said, his performance has already skyrocketed from last year. By comparing last season's stats through the first 4 games, it is clear to see his dramatic improvement. Last year, Allen had a 60% completion rate, this year 71%. He threw for 903 yards and this year he has 1,326. Finally, his touchdown-interception ratio was a rocky 3-6, but now, a lights out 12-1 (and I say that is a very questionable call on the interception he threw being that Tyler Kroft had possession and was tackled with possession, but I digress). It has been clear that the Bills started their rebuilding program with Josh Allen, and each season they have brought in more and more weapons for him to play with. Two standouts being former Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley, and this past season one of the top receivers in the game, Stefon Diggs. In addition to crucial trades and signings, the Bills have drafted even more options for their offense: Devin Singletary, who is clearly having a breakout year, and Zack Moss, whose career looks promising.

Allen is the future for the Bills and is 100% on board with staying with the Bills for a long time. With more and more lucrative deals unfolding in the NFL, it would not be shocking to see a hefty extension for young Allen. NFL teams are not shy to lay out some serious money for valuable players. Just this past summer, Patrick Mahomes signed the largest contract in sports history with a $503 million deal. Pertaining to the Bills, Tre’Davious White signed a four-year, $70 million contract extension with $55 million in guaranteed money with the total value of the deal is $82.1 million. Stefon Diggs was traded to the Bills under his contract from Minnesota, where he signed a five-year, $72 million extension. Lastly, Josh Norman was signed on a one-year 6 million deal. This all goes to show how determined the Bills are to become a Super Bowl championship team. That being said, if Allen can continue this exciting spark for the Bills, expect a contract extension for the man who once received zero college offers.

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