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SBS Travels to NYC For Alumni Networking Event

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The sports and entertainment field is so competitive and hard to break into because of the vast number of people who want to become part of it. We in the ILR School (and all of Cornell, for that matter) are so lucky to have a group of alumni who have been in our shoes before and want to help us succeed in our career goals, whatever those goals may be. That was the impetus behind the first ILRAA Sports and Entertainment Executives Networking Event, which took place Thursday, September 26 in New York City.

The SEE is a group within the ILR Alumni Association comprised of individuals with experience working in sports and entertainment in some capacity. Their career paths vary so much, and it was really valuable to hear different perspectives on how to get involved with sports and entertainment. One helpful piece of advice that stuck with students was to broaden their views of what it means to work in the sports and entertainment field. There are more opportunities out there than being a General Manager for a team or a player agent. Hearing the diverse positions the alumni currently hold helped spark possible career options.

The alumni in attendance ranged from retired, to having only graduated a few months ago. Hearing the perspectives of both younger and more experienced alumni provided a great balance for students looking for career advice. The hope is that this event becomes the start of a flourishing relationship between the ILRAA SEE and Cornell students, especially SBS. Students were encouraged to follow up after the event with alumni they spoke with, so as to create a continuous cycle of communication as opposed to a one time event.

SBS would like to extend a sincere thank you to all involved in making this event possible:

Jordan Berman and the rest of the SEE Planning Committee

Kevin Harris, Anu Lyons, and the rest of ILR OSS and OCS

SBS's own Harrison Marcus, Ian Capell, and Eliza Sherman

Damion Edwards for all the amazing pictures

All of the alumni in attendance

Nicole Smart, Frantz Cayo, Neal Kaplan, and Jordan Berman participate in a panel highlighting their Cornell to Career journeys

Mark Tatum, Deputy Commissioner of the National Basketball Association, speaks with SBS Co-President Harrison Marcus and others

From Left to Right: Rob Landau, Frantz Cayo, Nicole Smart, Lauren Myers, Tim McGhee, Neal Kaplan, Jordan Berman, Eric Fisher

Check out @ilrsportsbusiness on Instagram for more great pictures from the event!


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