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Robinson Cano Receives 162 Game Suspension For PEDs

Robinson Cano waving
Robinson Cano waving goodbye to his Hall of Fame chances

The MLB Commissioner's Office (shoutout Rob Manfred) announced Wednesday afternoon that New York Mets second baseman Robinson Cano has been given a 162 game suspension after testing positive for Stanozolol, a performance enhancing substance. The suspension is a full 162 games long because Cano has already been suspended once for PED use, when he tested positive in May of 2018. The most important thing to note is that Cano will not receive a penny of the $24 million he was supposed to make in 2021.

How can I put this delicately.............LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This is beyond amazing news for Mets fans. Uncle Stevie takes over and immediately everything takes a turn for the better. If the Wilpons were still in charge, this doesn't happen. Simple as that. Not only do the Mets not have to pay Cano his $24 million, but this means he obviously will not be on the field. Sure, he had a pretty good 49 games in 2020 (offensively), but the Mets are better with him out of the lineup, especially with no more DH in the NL. Cano's range at second has dropped off completely. He's slow. He's just not the guy I want to see out there for 100+ games. There are a few guys on the Mets currently I'd rather throw out there everyday than Cano.

The options:

  1. Jeff McNeil. One of the best players on the Mets already. Second base is what he played in the minors and when he first got to the big leagues. Since then, he's moved around a bunch and played both corner outfield spots, second, and third. It's his best position, and I want to see him at second going forward.

  2. Andres Gimenez. It was a bit surprising when he made the Opening Day roster, but he had a very promising first season. Not amazing offensive numbers, but he played stellar defense at short, provided much needed speed, and generally does everything well. Oh, and he's one of the youngest players in MLB. He may not be an option at 2nd because it's possible he's their starting SS this year.

  3. Luis Guillorme. Will not be a starter for the Mets. Still would rather him than Cano.

  4. Outside help. This is where things might get interesting. The Mets biggest need is Starting Pitching. They're going to make moves in that market. But why stop there? Say the Mets trade for Francisco Lindor. That changes the dynamic of this entirely. DJ LeMahieu perhaps? That'd be fun.

But the free $24 million doesn't need to be allocated to a new second baseman, and it probably won't be. Roll with what you already have in the organization. And go get the three best Free Agents available. Realmuto, Bauer, Springer. All of them. Every single one. Why not? We have Steve Cohen we can do whatever we want! Throw in Tanaka or Morton while we're at it.

Another point on Cano, this effectively ends his Hall of Fame chances. With no PED suspensions, I'd call him a near-lock. With one suspension, could go either way. Now, no chance. Zero. His reputation's tarnished, people will look at him differently and all that stuff...

...but that's really not important here! The important thing is that since Steve Cohen took over, every day is better than the last. It's not going to stop anytime soon. We're going to have two decades of this. Just pure optimism and hope. Mets fans always have fake hope. "Maybe this year will be different" kind of hope (it's never actually different). Now though, we have real hope. Oh yea, and we have the GOAT Sandy Alderson running the show. LFGM





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