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Networking and Establishing Connections Paramount - Spielman

Members of the ILR Sports Business Society convened in Ives 215 in preparation of a

Skype call with Russ Spielman, a Talent Marketing Agent for GSE Worldwide. Many members

of SBS are interested in careers in sports management or marketing and were excited about

having the opportunity to speak with an established member of the field.

Some advice Spielman gave members of SBS is that networking and making connections

is extremely important in the sports business world. Spielman emphasized that if he has the ability to recruit talent, then he has the opportunity to be their agent. He explained that

networking is something that is incredibly important in the Sports Business world, and that is

how he brings clients together to make deals.

ILR Sports Business Society was very grateful to have the opportunity to speak to

Spielman about his work, as we learned the extreme importance of networking and establishing connections in the Sports Business field.


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