Louis Vuitton Announces NBA Partnership

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

When you think of the most likely brands to partner with the NBA, you would probably rattle off dozens of companies before you got to Louis Vuitton. Nevertheless, Louis Vuitton recently confirmed a multi-year partnership with the NBA. When I first saw this story, I didn't see exactly what the deal encompassed. My brain couldn't stop thinking about what aspects of the NBA I'd love to see taken over by the fashion powerhouse.

The following three things would make the league immensely better if they were Louis Vuitton-ified:

1. Ref whistles

As an official myself, I would very much welcome the idea of a diamond studded whistle with a lanyard made from LV signature leather. It sounds crazy, sure, but I invite you to check out their actual website. This whistle concept would be far from the craziest thing available.

2. Shoes

Had this been the actual partnership, PJ Tucker's annual $200,000 shoe budget wouldn't get him nearly as many pairs as he's able to get now. In all seriousness (ok, some seriousness), it would be really cool to see what kind of signature shoes LV could make for some of the league's most fashionable stars. Imagine Kelly Oubre with a Supreme leg sleeve leading right into some custom Louis Vuitton's!

3. Court Designs

We've seen some pretty bad court designs over the years (looking at you, Milwaukee).

But Louis Vuitton is known for their design prowess. Just think about what type of court they could muster up with a color scheme like that of the Miami Heat's City jerseys.

None of these three things are part of Louis Vuitton's deal with the NBA. However, we're getting something better than I ever could've imagined.

Thats's right: a case to transport the legendary Larry O'Brien trophy, the third best trophy out of the four major American sports (MLB's Commissioner's Trophy stinks). Louis Vuitton will become the FIRST trophy travel case provider in league history, a truly historic honor. That carrier really is a thing of beauty. If you get to keep that too, the Larry O'Brien might even surpass the Lombardi trophy (but it's still nowhere near Lord Stanley's Cup).

Expect this to be just a starting point for the partnership, as the deal is for multiple years. Louis Vuitton is already planning an annual limited edition time capsule collection. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to how that will manifest itself. If it's anything as cool as this case, I'm in.

This announcement came out just days before the NBA's first ever regular season game in France, as the Charlotte Hornets will play the Milwaukee Bucks Friday in Paris.


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