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On Tuesday, April 13 at 5 pm, the ILR Sports Business Society hosted a panel on the Business of the NFL, featuring four amazing NFL employees:

Kevin Boothe '05: Director, Football Strategy and Development, 2x Super Bowl Champion with the New York Giants as an Offensive Lineman

Belinda Lerner, Executive Director, NFL Player Care Foundation and Vice President, Player Benefits & Former Player Program

Monica Gimlett '10, Director, Partnerships Strategy

Moderated by:

Harrison Marcus '20, NFL Junior Rotational Program Analyst and former SBS Co-President


The panelists cover a wide variety of roles and functions at the NFL and provided a great insight into the many different career paths one can take within the league.  Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the NFL directly from the people who make the league run, ending with a Q+A from the audience. 

Full Video of the Event

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