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Alumni in Sports

At Cornell, we are lucky to have an incredible network of alumni that work in sports. Below are some of the events where Cornell alumni have taken the time to share their advice and experiences with the members of SBS. 


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If you are an alumnus or student interested in the sports and entertainment industry, please check out the ILR Alumni Association's Sports and Entertainment Executives LinkedIn page to continue the conversation online. 

On September 26th, students from across Cornell traveled to New York City for the first event with the ILR Alumni Association's Sports and Entertainment Executives Affinity Group. Students had the opportunity to hear from a panel of members on the SEE Advisory Board, as well as network with Cornell alumni who range from recent grads to more experienced executives. Students were encouraged to continue the conversation with the incredible alumni through a LinkedIn page and follow-up conversations. The first SEE event was a great success and provided SBS members with the unique opportunity to connect with Cornell alumni in a variety of roles.  Learn more about the 2019 Alumni Networking event here.

On November 15th, the ILR School hosted its second Cornell ILR Sports Leadership Summit in New York City. An incredible event featuring distinguished alumni in the sports industry, the summit represents ILR’s dedication to preparing students to work in the sports industry. The ILR Sports Leadership Summit provided our club and its members with an invaluable opportunity to meet top leaders in the field.  Learn more about the 2018 ILR Sports Leadership Summit here.

Cornell Alumni in Sports

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